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4 Benefits of Augmented Reality Apps for Superior User Experiences

The growth of Augmented reality (AR) App is increasing in recent times that allow users to visualize the product before buying it. It is gradually incorporated into all the sectors such as healthcare, retail education, real estate and many more.

Even the big names such as Apple and Google have launched their own AR kits called ARKit and ARCore respectively to equip developers create quality Mobile Apps  such as AR.

Let’s have a look on the benefits of Augmented reality Apps:

  1. Providing quality Training & Education:

Augmented reality App helps in imparting quality training and education to college students and corporate employees. A trainer with the help of Augmented reality App can help the students and employees to learn new concepts in a much easier way by showing them virtually as if in real time.

Unlike real time, trainer can repeat the process multiple times if required.

  1. Augmented Business Operations:

There are Augmented reality applications in healthcare which helps medical students in training in AR environment to telemedicine related work where medical staffs interact with patients.

Augmented reality App helps remote workers to access customer data for their business operations. The AR headsets have changed the employee’s work style. For example: In an insurance company, AR headsets can be used by an insurance loss adjuster to examine a car that has been damaged in an accident. While loss adjuster examines the damaged car, AR headset can take the video of the car and add it into a system that evaluates damage and cost estimation for a fix.

The capability of a device to recognize which makes the life of adjuster bit easy to find the damage. This also helps insurance worker to process the claims in less time.

Likewise, in the healthcare sector as well AR headsets are used for treatment and diagnosis. For example, a doctor uses AR App to examine a patient by gaining useful information about the disease.

  1. 3D Visualization:

Augmented reality is technique in which virtual object is used in real space. This process is called as visualization. Designers and Engineers take help of AR to project their design to the real world. For example, if designer uses conventional method of design for designing a car then it can be tiresome as there are countless car parts with different sizes and design.

But with the help of Augmented reality, computer graphics and other techniques, designers can interact with virtual 3D car model. It is easier to make changes to the design just by manipulating virtual 3D model.
And using AR Apps, designers even visualize what the end product will look like in 3D space unlike the 2D screens provided by the conventional technologies.

  1. Enhanced Customer Service:

AR technique has actually enhanced customer service. For example, you have purchased furniture and later on discovered that the furniture did not fit the space in your room. It is very annoying for anyone. Here AR technique comes into picture. Ikea place App will definitely help such customer to avoid predicament in future. Ikea App is built using Apple’s ARKit technology. The App scans your room and places the Ikea object in digital image of your room.
Likewise, Dulux Visualiser is an AR App that helps you to visualize a shade of paint for your room before you purchase just by using your smartphone camera to scan completely your room and thereafter virtually paint it with any of the rainbow colors.

Final Thoughts

Augmented reality technology is evolving due to growing needs of mobile devices, their extended functionalities and high internet speed. This is the suitable time to implement AR in your business. With Appinop Technologies, you can leverage the benefits of Augmented reality apps to transform your workplaces and user experiences. Feel free to connect us for creating AR solutions.

Abhinav Chatterji
Abhinav Chatterji

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