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4 Reasons Why Your Business Website Must Have SSL Certificate

With the advent of the digital era, business owners are taking giant leaps to outreach their business to a larger set of customers. Businesses are investing in every possible digital solution to enhance their online presence. But on the other side of the digital coin, cybercriminals as well as taking the opportunities to hack all your business data.


The internet giant, Google has announced SSL certificate is mandatory for all website development. Have you installed an SSL certificate for your business website?


Before discussing directly to our blog agenda, let’s know about the SSL certificate.


So what is an SSL certificate?


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol which was designed for safe and secure connections between web clients and web servers over a network, such as an internet.


You can call it a Digital Certificate which builds a secure link between your business website and your visitor’s browser. It ensures that all data transfer between the two entities maintain privacy.


Sometimes you have heard SSL is used interchangeably with HTTPS. Actually, HTTPS is the outcome of your SSL certificate. SSL encryption stops hackers from hacking private information such as credit card numbers, bank details, names, addresses and lots more.


Now let’s head towards the reasons why you need an SSL certificate for your website.


  1. Enhances website security

SSL certificates would safeguard valuable data including login credentials, addresses, payment details transmitted from and to the website. These digital certificates would encrypt network connection and protect your user’s data from cybercriminals.


  1. Secure all your domain & subdomains

If your business has a large website with multiple subdomains then also no need to worry. An SSL certificate called Wildcard would provide security to your main site and all its subdomains as well with just one digital certificate


  1. Wins trust for your customers

As we know the success of every business depends on customers. With these digital certificates, your web development solutions would gain the customer’s trust. Whenever customers visit your website, they can see security padlock in the address bar of the browser. This is an indication of a secured connection and this would show your customers that your brand takes care of their privacy.


  1. Add on SEO weightage

In the world of digitization, every business needs digital marketing to promote products and services and to increase online presence. Businesses which are having SSL certificates can improve their SEO (search engine optimization) health which is a part of digital marketing. With HTTPS, Google offers your website an extra weightage in terms of SEO.


Wrapping Up

With the above discussion in the blog, hope you understand the reason why SSL certificates are paramount for your web development services. Do not miss out the benefits of such digital certificates. Add an extra layer of security for your business and win the trust of your customers.

Abhinav Chatterji
Abhinav Chatterji

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