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5 Reasons Why Firebase is a Powerful Mobile App Development Platform

With each passing day, the mobile app is becoming an essential part of our daily life. Nowadays, mobile apps are used in every field such as construction, education, healthcare, etc. These apps are increasing in-app purchases and boost customer retention. Most of the developers are using smart strategies in mobile app development for making a more interactive app.


One of the most popular frameworks that offer better services to develop a high-quality app in a particular time period is Firebase. It was launched in 2012 and in 2014 it was acquired by tech giant Google. It is a web and mobile app development platform which provides backend-as-a-service.


About Firebase:


Firebase is a powerful application development platform. It provides intuitive and scalable app development services. The mobile backend service provided by the firebase is superb and can easily run on iOS as well as Android mobile apps. Firebase can able to make a high-quality app that keeps your business on the top and boosts your customer base.


Here, in this article, we would be discussing some strong reasons because of which most of the developers are using Firebase in mobile app development.


  1. Provide Fast and Secure Web Hosting:


The top-most benefit of firebase is its hosting. With the help of firebase hosting, you can easily set-up the mobile landing page. Firebase hosting is SSD-Backed through which you can easily deliver data to anywhere. Both the web pages as well as static content can deploy by the developer with the help of CDN i.e. Content Delivery Network. SSN certificate is free for custom domains and automatically configures in Firebase hosting.


  1. Fix Bugs Quickly:


Bugs can make your app slow and force users to uninstall your app from their mobile. Now, Google’s Firebase real-time platform can able to fix bugs quickly with the help of its crash reporting facility. Firebase kit provides log crash facility that saves your time because it identifies and removes bugs in every stage.


  1. Store and Synchronise Data in A Smarter Way:


As discusses earlier, Firebase is a real-time framework that offers cloud-hosted NoSQL database. This database store and synchronize data between the clients. Developers can access data easily from any device and its SDK also support backend to build an interactive mobile app that runs on any platforms such as Android, Web, and iOS.


  1. Multi-Platform Authentication:


Simple and secure authentication process boosts customer retention on your app. Firebase provides a simple sign-in process with top-end security. Firebase authentication system is totally secure because it was developed by the same team that executes Smart lock, Chrome Password, and Google Sign-In.


  1. Improve Your App Quality:


The quality of your app makes a huge difference as it boosts your app rating. With the help of Firebase Crashlytics feature, you can improve the quality of your app by stabilizing issues. Firebase easily identifies the main cause of the crash and rectifies it as soon as possible.


Closing Words


All of the above benefits make Firebase a powerful app development platform. In short, it offers all possible solution to developers through which they can build a robust, secure and interactive mobile app.

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