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Fixed price Vs Dedicated App development

Comparison Between Fixed Price App Development Vs Hiring Dedicated App Developer

Clients hire skilled mobile app developers based on several business models as per their requirements. The most popular of the business models according to which the app developers are hired are fixed price and dedicated model. However, most of the time, it becomes challenging to make a decision and chose one between these two models. Here is a quick comparison guide between both, which might help you make a decision.


What are the significant benefits of a Fixed-Price App Development project model?


•     The clients feel more in control of the project and know exactly how much to pay and when to process the same.


•     There are lesser risks attached to the project as they all get transferred to the team directly.


•     Several factors, such as the fixed payment, deadlines, and several others, may stimulate the team’s will to finish the project at the earliest possible.


Where to use a Fixed-Price App Development Model?


•     It is best suited if the project is short term and needs to be finished at the earliest.


•     When you have a defined final goal as well as the complete process structure ready, a fixed-price app development model is best to go in for.


•     When you are dealing with a new company, an app developer, assigning a fixed-price project might turn out to be beneficial in developing a judgment for the team in its first assignment.


What are the significant benefits of a Dedicated App Development project model?


•     Use of Dedicated App Development model is beneficial when you require specialized app developers working for you just for a few hours a month, for small scale app development projects.


•     Dedicated app development assignment is also beneficial for long term projects where you do not need specialized developers for full time. You can opt for dedicated full time or part-time developers who can help you out as per your requirements.


Where to use a Dedicated App Developer model?


•     When you are unaware of the expected final results, going in for a dedicated model may be helpful in the custom mobile application development.


•     When there are probabilities for the set goals to change amidst the project progress, it is highly advisable to go in with a dedicated app development team.


•     If you need new technologies and full-time resources for a long term project whose deadline is not as strict, dedicated app developers may be highly helpful for you in the long run.


Probable Losses that the Customers may face in Fixed-Price App Development


•     In a fixed price app development program, the initial undertaking between the client and the mobile application development company is not done correctly, and it might act as a huge discrepancy in the long run, even if it means compromising with the result.


•     The corresponding team might not be enthusiastic enough to do the customers work with the best quality, moreover, be interested in getting their work done as specified in their contracts. It may compromise with the final result of the app.


•     The concerned team might hide away some of the issues that might be prevailing in the ultimate app, and it might not even occur to the client in the first look. However, it may hurt the app and its users in the long run, regarding which the concerned teams might not be held responsible anymore.


•     The expenses and timelines laid down in the initial stage might not be changed even if such circumstances appear, and you need to alter your overall plan.


Probable Benefits that the Customers may face in the case of Dedicated App Developers


•     The customers can use the discharges between the projects to plan out their future arrangement plans. It may also help them to replace the faulty aspects and incorporate the required changes to make the group work out more efficiently.


•     The customers can make payments as per the results indicated by the short discharge results. This makes the client invest his trust in the mobile application development company as he becomes capable of examining the progress that he has been paying for at smaller intervals.


•    Use any of the advanced agile programming systems to make his/her business more efficient as per their requirements.


Any of the custom mobile App Development programs are primarily dependent on the agenda of money, time deadlines, as well as the quality of the outcome. However, saving money might be one of the major priorities of the clients in some of the cases, where he might be ready to compromise with other aspects such as the timeline as well as the quality of the final result. A dedicated app development program does not only ensure using the money proficiently but also ensures the best-desired quality from

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