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Blockchain in Travel industry

How Travel Industry is Leveraging Blockchain Technology?

How many of you have heard of the Blockchain technology?


Well, most of you would have heard this term in the digital currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. But the blockchain technology is getting popular with each passing day and this makes it a vital component of the traveling industry.


Yes, the travel industry is also affected with the use of blockchain; but how?


The travel industry not only includes the planes/vehicles for transportation; instead they also include the hotels, car rental companies, food and beverage services, entertainment services and even more; that makes the journey successful and memorable for a traveler.


In the case of the travel industry, leveraging blockchain technology will deliver convenience in different aspects and helps to reshape the travel industry.


Below are the benefits of developing blockchain-enabled travel app solutions:


1. Build a Centralised System

The biggest hurdles every travel company face is making a centralized system to not only entertain the customers but also to manage the entire data. The centralized system can be better build with the use of blockchain technology which helps the customer as well as the company in serving the best and getting the right service as required. Settlement of fees, commissions, etc is some of the major problems that need a centralized system.


2. Precise Data processing

The introduction of numerous service providers has developed another big problem of handling multiple processes simultaneously. This problem can be easily handled with the use of blockchain. Different service providers have different contributors that make the entire data processing cluttered. Leveraging the blockchain technology will bring revolution to this problem and will sort it a higher level. This will also build barriers to security which was a big problem for almost ever Travel Company.


3. Data Security

The security and vulnerable attacks are a major problem that every travel company faces in their day to day processes. Their sensitive data is affected by these attacks. So, there is a huge demand for a secure and reliable system that can settle in this ecosystem without leaving any vulnerable point. According to the research, it was found that the data (personal details, company profiles) are sensitive to attacks and about half of the airlines have the problem of low security which needs to be tightened in the future.


4. Omit Disputes

The dispute settlement is one major factor why people are making negative reviews to any airlines. The dispute settlement system needs to be rendered and corrected to make it more reliable and effective for the customers as well as the travel industry. The blockchain technology will reduce the disputes as well as its settlement time, saving a big amount to the airlines. There are chances that this technology will make the settlements by introducing crypto payment options which will grow the industry of digital currency.


Closing Words

The benefits of blockchain technology are increasing with each passing day. In the coming future, other industries will also take benefit from the blockchain mobile app solutions for better serving the customers. What other industries do you think can get the maximum benefit for blockchain technology?


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