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IoT Solutions in Education

Top 4 IoT Solutions in the Education Industry

Like other industries, the education industry has also taken the opportunity of availing the benefits of IoT in the modern world. This has made the education industry more proficient as well as better versed with the present day advancements. There are many applications over the domain of IoT which help the educational sector to have better scope in the world.

Here are the top 4 applications of IoT in the education industry.


  1. Smart Attendance System

With an advanced student’s attendance IoT solution, there is no need for manual attendance. The school staffs can easily monitor and track the records regarding the student’s presence in the school. IoT solutions such as RFID, biometric technology and so on offer robust, secure and automatic attendance management in educational institutes with minimum human intervention. These technological solutions uniquely identify and monitor each student by their RFID tag/thumb impression. This makes the attendance process faster and secured as compared to the traditional method.

  1. Digital Books

IOTs are digitizing old school libraries. In today’s digital world, paper books are replaced with digital books on your smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. Today, schools and universities provide QR codes to the students where each code is referred to a specific book. All a student has to do is scan the QR code and get a book on his or her smart devices.

  1. Smart Boards

To improve the learning process, a collaboration between students and teachers is utmost important. And here comes IoT solutions which assist in making proper collaboration and communication between the teachers and students. Smart devices help students to share informative data among each other in a group project seamlessly. By replacing blackboards with Smartboards, education looks simple, effective, and interactive. Smartboards assist teachers to explain the academic concepts in an interactive way by using real-time visuals such as infographics, tutorials and so on.


  1. Advance Security System

Security is the main concern for all facilities including education facilities. With the advent of IoT app solutions such as beacon technology, biometric system and lots more detect intruders and restrict them immediately at the entrance.

Nowadays, school buses in many schools are GPS-enabled which assist school staffs and parents to track their children.


Closing Words

You can reshape the education industry by unleashing the power of IoT. This technology can bring revolution in the field of education across the globe.

Now, students can easily understand complex formulas, concept, and theories. With IoT app development solutions, classrooms can become a fun and interactive place to nurture young minds for the better tomorrow. This helps in easy access to Education from anywhere and at any time.


Abhinav Chatterji
Abhinav Chatterji

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