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What Are the Key Features of On-Demand Tutor Finding App and How Much Does It Cost to Develop?

With the increase in internet users in India, which is the second-largest online market, there is a humungous increase in application development. It is a system or process where a set of programs are performed for different activities that a business demands. And for any business to flourish, it is very important to reach more customers and increase their visibility more and online visibility ads on more value to the business.


Nowadays tutor finding applications and the education application development are a lot in business. It is very easier to provide educational platforms online and reach out to all the students and make their life more convenient. So there are many tutors finding applications in the market like genext, coursera all these service-based on-demand tutoring apps work on providing tutors online.


Key Features of On-Demand Tutor Apps

The first thing is using this app anyone can find for a teacher or a tutor online with prior searching for it.


Then you can see what are your requirements and objectives and then find a tutor according to your requirements.


The application provider will be able to track the tutor’s details like location, job status, and other details of the tutor in just time.


There is an e-wallet that is allocated in the custom tutor app development, which makes it easier for the customers to do cashless payments and no need to access account details.


It is very feasible that you can book for your tutor according to your timings available and schedule and you can even change the schedule accordingly.


 Other Advanced Key Features


  1. Easy Tutor Finding


The students can search for nearby tutors easily with just a few simple steps. The students can look for the teachers according to the subjects they want to learn or courses they want to pursue and the location and the skills and experience of the tutor and their rates per hour and everything. From all these specifications given the student can find their tutor and hire them accordingly. These tutor app development should also focus on the rating and reviewing the tutors so that the student can compare different tutors and select the best one for them and have a satisfying experience.


  1. Provide Various Options For The Students


The students, according to their convenience, should get the alternatives to choose whether they want an on-demand in-person session or they are okay with the video session, which is easily accessible with few taps on the screen for the student.


So the students can send their preferred time of classes to the teacher they hired and scheduled classes on their preferred timings. It is also very important for these tutor apps to book their sessions in advance so that there wouldn’t be any confusion and the students don’t have to worry, and these tutor calendars must also be given out so that it’s easier to the students for making decisions and plan appropriately.


  1. Personal Chat Or Messaging Option


The one to one messaging option makes it much easier for the student and the tutor to communicate, and the student can benefit by asking doubts and getting help from the teacher whenever required or at the time of exams. The students can mainly stay in contact with the tutors and just don’t have to wait for classes or sessions and get immediate help from the tutors whenever required.


  1. Safe and Secure Payment Option


The most important feature the on-demand app development systems need to focus on is the payment procedures of such tutor finding apps. They should develop a secured and safe payment procedure. They can also allow wallet money or credit/debit payments through the payment gateway.


  1. Ratings and Reviews


If you want your tutor application to be ahead of the others, then it is very important to focus on the tutor ratings and their reviews. If students give good ratings and reviews to the tutors, then it will help to increase the demand for the tutors and that how your tutor application will be developed, and it will turn out to be an on-demand application.


  1. Cloud System

It is an amazing tool for on-demand app development. It can store many details of your application and various payment details, user details in the cloud server and can store huge chunks of data and can use it anytime you want.


 Cost Of On-Demand Tutor App Development

So the development cost of the on-demand education application development can vary according to various regions as per the requirements for the development. The developers or the mobile app developing agencies can charge accordingly. According to the statistics in India, the cost approximately for the development per hour is $25 to $200. These companies charge on an hourly basis. The prices for application development are much higher in countries like the US and parts of Europe. Like the cost of the application development in the US is from $200 to $550. Well, Eastern Europe is cheaper than the other parts of Europe.


So looking upon all the operating costs, an average can cost $7000 to$30000 for a single platform. And also, joining many more features may increase the cost up to $45000 anyways if there does spending around 70,000 that assure that the application for confirming the best amongst the high amount of competition exists in the market.


Growth of On-Demand Tutor Finding Applications

The global online tutoring industry is rapidly growing each year, and the total growth rates of the students who are enrolling in these tutor applications are also rising each year. With the increase in demand for such portals and applications, various institutions and teaching or coaching centers have opted for using these tutor applications as a tool to gain customers and make the best use of technology and provide education through the education application development systems.


Top On-Demand Tutoring Application

Tutree and ace tutors are one of the top on-demand tutoring applications that connect their students with the best tutors in a very short time.


These applications make it easier for the students to choose their best tutor according to their specifications and their timings and based on the qualifications and pay rates of the tutors and their skills.


These applications make sure that the students can book these sessions anytime and anywhere of the course of their choice and pay through the secured procedures and provide different and convenient modes for payment.

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