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The Largest Online Hypermarket in Kuwait, With a 24/7 Instant Delivery To Your Home Within 4 Hours!

Overview (Tawseel) is an e-commerce firm which is the biggest online retailer based in Kuwait, selling a wide range of goods. Some of the product lines for Tawseel include groceries, consumer electronics, kitchen items, toys & games, baby products, sporting goods, health-care items, books and many more. The company name is derived from the Arabic language where the Arabic word “Tawseel” means delivery in the English language.

Technology stack we have worked on

App Features

1. Secure & Multi Payment Options After putting desired items into the cart, shoppers do not want complex payment process. So, we have provided multiple secure payment options at the checkout time. We have customized integration of payment gateways for Kuwait, such as KNET and MiGS. 2. Interactive Dashboard This interactive Dashboard feature is all about visualization of different business parameters such as sales, revenue generation, sales forecasting, customer buying behavior, demographics and many more. This assist merchant to get business insights of their online store in order to improvise the business further. 3. Detail Product Featuring Detail featuring trending products and offers with the help of attractive sliders and banners are the key features for the success of any e-commerce app including Taw9eel. 4. Push Notification This is the most effective way to attract shoppers back to your store. With a feature like push notifications, it is very easy to do promotions of the fresh arrivals or any kind of new offers which are offered on the new arrivals or existing one. The shoppers can get allured by this kind of notifications and are ready to take calls to immediate action. 5. Hassle-Free Registration Users do want to waste their valuable time by filling the complex and lengthy registration form. Shop with Taw9eel App by providing just basic details and you are there to shop your needs.