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OUSSUM - Designer Caftans

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Designer Caftans, Women Clothing and Online Home Decor Shop - Oussum


Shop the best designer Caftan dresses, women clothing and ethnic handmade Home Decor items from the house of Oussum. ✓ Quality Products ✓ Affordable ✓ Fast Shipping

Technology stack we have worked on

App Features

1. Intuitive Product Featuring All the products and items are listed in a detailed and organized way with proper images and price tags. The detailing of the product listing assists customers to look for the items and buy out the items of their choice. 2. Easy Registration Users do not want to put their brain to fill out complex and time-consuming registration form. That’s why we have kept easy registration so that shoppers can buy their favorite items with Oussum by just entering out basic details to finish the registration process. 3. Wish list This feature is great as it helps shoppers to put their items for future ordering. Shoppers can keep their products and items to the wish list to buy those things in the near future. 4. Track Order This is really an amazing feature to make a strong customer relationship. Shoppers have to put track id number and this Track Order feature would provide the status of the order.