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Ecommerce, Retail & B2B is an exponent of this rapturous moment only. The second you experience the Semicolon showroom the way you have been buying or aspiring furniture transforms into infinite beautiful swans spectacle.


Semicolon is a home decor brand for modern furniture. The brand has a range of uniquely designed items such as sofa, chair, recliners, tables and accessories collection which help shoppers to transform their houses to beautiful homes to live.

Technology stack we have worked on

App Features

1. Intuitive Product Featuring All the features of the product are listed with clear product images and price tags. And this detail product listing helps customers to look for products and make up their minds to buy out. 2. Easy Registration Users are not interested at all to fill out complex and time taking registration form. That’s why we have kept simple so that customers can shop their favorite items with Semi; colon by just filling out basic details to complete the registration process. 3. Wish list Users can put their products and items to wish list to buy those items later at some point in time. These wish list items are saved in your account for future ordering. 4. Secure & Multi Payment Channels After putting the valuable time to pick up the items, no customer would like to go for a complex payment process. So, we have come up with easy yet secure payment options at the checkout stage. 5. Product Sorting Customers can sort out their products and items based on three parameters. They can sort by price, sort by product name or sort by position. Shoppers can as well look for items in a group of 9, 15 or 30 items under show tab.