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How to build a Fantasy Sports Mobile Application like Dream11 ?

Fantasy Sports App is a buzzword in this digital world. A sports App which is making every youth to put their fingertips on keypad and head deep inside the screen. And why not when your users are getting so much excitement in this stressful world and chances to win rewards and cash prizes as well.

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About Dream11 Sports App

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Dream11 is a fantasy sports app platform which provides a platform to Indian sports fans to showcase their sports skills and instinct. Sports lovers can build up their own dream team by choosing real time players from upcoming matches who they believe would outperform other players, earn points based on their on-field performance and get a chance to win cash prizes and exciting rewards.

Sports App platform like Dream 11 is all about fun, game fever, anticipation and most importantly a chance to win exciting rewards. With the advent of wide range of sports league, fantasy sports is now played across range of sports such as cricket, football, kabaddi and basketball, giving sports lovers in the nation an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and become a part of such a popular platform.

Looking for Fantasy Sports Platform like Dream11?

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Fantasy Sports App Features and Functionalities

Features of Contestant / Application user

  • User Registration/Log-in: This feature helps in User registration and log-in to the app using credentials such as username, password, email ID, contact number, and referral code (if provided by friends).
  • Landing Screen: This is the main screen or you can say default one where user will land on after logging in to the app. List of matches will be displayed here. A user can filter out a search by Matches, Sports Type (Cricket, NBA, Football), Match type (Upcoming match, Ongoing/Live match, Results). Match listing includes, Tournament Name, Team 1 (Name and Image), Team 2 (Name and Image) & Match start time (Date & Time). Once the participant has chosen the match from the list of matches, a participant will be navigated to the contest screen.
  • Contest: At this feature user can see the list of contents for the respective match with details such as Filter Contest By: Entry Fee Range, Winning Range, Contest Type, Contest Size; then on Contest Listing includes: Contest Type, Contest Name, Entry Fee, winning amount of the contest, Winners Count (here user can view the winning criteria according to their rank), Total Team Count (team that can join). A participant can choose their desired contest and join.
  • Join Contest: In this feature participant will have to pay the respective entry fees and join the contest.
  • Create your own contest: With a single tap, user will be able to create their own contest by submitting the following detail such as: Contest Name, Total Winning Amount, size of Contest, Allow multiple team, Entry fees, Join Contest, here contest creator need to join the contest first, before creating), Invite their friends to join the contest
  • My Contest: In this feature, the user will able to view the list of joined contestants and can view & Edit their chosen team players. (Note: Participant can only change their team players before sta rt of the match. Thereafter, it will be controlled by application owner).
  • Profile setting: This setting feature assists the user to view & update their profile. And apart from this it will also include: Your reward points, Account details (such as Balance avail, User winning amount, User bonus, View transaction history, Manage payments, Add Cash, Withdraw winning amount (Add your details of bank account or your pan card*), Overall ranking, My friends, Referral& earn, Logout.

Features of Admin User (Backend Panel)

  • Admin login: Admin will login into the app using Username & Password.
  • Interactive Dashboard: This dashboard will provide the stats such as about Total Matches under different categories (Upcoming, Ongoing, and Played Matches), data about Total Contestant, & Entire Earnings
  • UserAccount Manager: Admin can manage the entire user account such as Edit/Add/Delete/Active/Deactivate accounts.
  • Manage matches: Admin will control and manage entire matches of the Sports application and can make changes such as Edit/Delete/Add/Active/Deactivate matches.
  • Manage Games Category: Admin can manage the games categories.
  • Contest Manager: Admin will able to manage entire match contests of the application and can Edit/Delete/Add/Active/Deactivate match contest.
  • View Earnings: Admin can View total earnings from the app with setting different filters.
  • Manage Rewards: This feature helps in managing the Reward Points offered to the users.
  • Manage Cash prizes: This feature helps in managing the Bonus and Cash Prizes offered to the users.
  • Report Manager: This feature will help Admin in generating reports such as Match report, Player Ranking reports, Earning Report and lot many.

Some Additional Features and Functionalities:

  • Live Score: User can see live scores for ongoing matches in different sports, apart from match highlights and Game analysis.
  • API Integration: The Sports Gaming mobile App API offers easy to use data for the developers that can be integrated seamlessly to their platforms.
  • CRM : The app is integrated with the back-end panel which assists in managing user-location, sending emails ,tickets and many more.
  • Push Notification: Updates and Alerts will be pop up to the users to inform them about team creation time, when the match will start, etc.
  • Data Analytics: The analytics feature in apps like these when the data needs to be captured in real-time. The data is stored constantly and updated in real-time.
  • Mail Reminder System: The Mailing system will inform participants via Customize Mails about upcoming leagues and matches and also provide information regarding their picked players and team.

Technology Stack

  • Sketch

  • Xcode

  • Android

  • AWS

  • Fabric iOS

  • Android Studio

  • FCM

  • Geo-fence

  • Google Analytics

  • Google API

  • Mean Stack

  • Mentis BT

  • Sass

  • sendinblue

  • Google Webmasters

  • stripe

  • swift iOS

  • ZOHO

Collaborate With Us for Sports App Development

Growing Demand of Fantasy Sports Mobile Gaming

Growing Demand of Fantasy Sports Mobile Gaming in India

According to IFSG-AC Nielsen’s report, India rapidly catching up with western countries. The following actionable statistics tells a lot about India’s big score in Sports Gaming niche.

Rapid growth registered in the last two years, from 2 million users in 2016 to 20 million in 2018 67% of online sports fan in India are aware of fantasy sports.

Types Of Fantasy Games

  • Daily & weekly Game
  • Scoring-based game
  • Draft-based game type
  • League-based game type

Popular Sports for Fantasy Games

  • Fantasy cricket mobile app & software
  • Fantasy soccer mobile app & software
  • Fantasy football mobile application & software
  • Fantasy basketball mobile app & software
  • Fantasy rugby mobile application & software
  • Fantasy baseball mobile app & software
  • Fantasy Sports mobile app for Golf

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