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Android Jetpack

How Android Jetpack is Helping in Android App Development?

Nowadays, the market of Android apps is on a boom and these apps become a crucial part of our day-to-day life. Basically, Android App Development is a process in which new applications are created for…
Challenges for wearable app developer

What Challenges Do the Wearable App Developer Generally Face?

Challenges are everywhere! But we need to come up with some innovative solutions to overcome those challenges.   There is nothing in this world that can be achieved without having a tough competition and facing…
AI enabled features for Android App development

How AI Enabled Features Customizing Android App Development?

Whenever we talk about Artificial Intelligence technology, there is a huge discussion about its pros and cons to mankind. But against all those myths and reality, the market of AI enabled android apps is consistently…
Breedr App

Breedr App- Bring a Revolution to Livestock Industry

Earlier it was really hard for the farmers who want to track each and every animal on their farm and takes care of productivity.  The main reason why farmers were not involved in the market…
Fixed price model

Is Fixed Pricing Model Suitable for Your App Development Project?

Nowadays, software applications are an essential part of our daily life. From the education sector to the hospitality & travel sector, business owners are looking for smart and user-friendly apps to stand in this digital…