Binance clone script development

Introduce a robust and feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange platform as a versatile website and an interactive mobile-based application. Our White-label Binance clone script development services offer you complete freedom to customize the entire software.

Binance clone script development delivering business-critical value

Binance clone script by our team is a customizable, readymade, secure, and multi-tested clone script software solution that serves to be the exact imitation of the famous cryptocurrency exchange -Binance. The software solution is scripted by our industry experts without breaching the copyright violations of the original cryptocurrency exchange while imbibing all core features of Binance.

With the help of our reliable Binance clone script development services, you can release your own feature-rich exchange platform -similar to Binance. However, with our service range, you can include your unique customizations as well. With a reliable Binance-like clone exchange platform, you can enable the customers to trade directly from peer-to-peer.

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Binance DEX Clone Script Development

Our Binance clone script is available as a customizable, tested, and bug-free source code to develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance. The Binance clone script we develop sports unique features as well as functionalities to ensure hassle-free trading with an interactive trade engine. Our Binance DEX clone script also features advanced UI/UX to deliver the experience of a high-end Binance-like cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Binance DEX clone development is a specialized type of service for all the cryptocurrency business owners looking for personalized results. Our integrated liquidity API and advanced novel features make it an outstanding platform for your business needs.

Binance Smart Chain Development

We deliver access to a user-friendly option to come up with a decentralized finance ecosystem. With the rapid adoption of BSC for Defi app development, the ecosystem grows substantially along with a series of decentralized applications to the network. With us, you can leverage add-on benefits including low transaction fees, faster transaction settlement times, and smart contract platform allowing our Binance Smart Chain to serve as a market-leading DApp platform.

We assist you in successfully traversing your overall development journey with high-end features like EVM compatibility, trading, and Smart Contract functionality. You can leverage the potential of Binance Smart Chain to come up with a secure and decentralized application for your business.

Business-specific Benefits of Our Binance Clone Script

Low fees

Binance is famous for charging a mere transaction fee of o.1 percent. Increased Trade Volume: Binance facilitates a higher trading volume while managing user traffic efficiently.

Acceptance of New Cryptocurrencies

It is possible to list new cryptocurrencies on Binance. Stringent Security: Advanced security features like 2FA ensures the protection of the exchange platform.

Ease of Customization

Our Binance clone script is easy to customize at any stage of the app development such that you are capable of modulating. You can also add or remove any of the available features according to your business requirements.

Higher Scalability

Binance is capable of conducting and managing multiple trades simultaneously -so is our clone script. You can improve scalability as the user base will increase.

Web Development Services

Security Features

Multi-sig Wallet

It ensures a highly secure transaction as it requires multiple private keys to access.

CSRF Protection

Effective CSRF Protection with anti CSRF Tokens to shield User account details from hackers.

Integration of Cold Wallet

Traders can keep the funds with themselves while not keeping the assets.

DDoS Protection

It helps in preventing the platform from multiple malicious factors interrupting the website traffic.


Enhance the overall performance and security of the website. Our innovative CloudFlare security solutions offer protection to your website against malware, bad bots, attacks, and various other threats.

X-Frame Options

Preventing users from click-jacking attacks. Traders do not have to worry about data theft.

Time-locked Transactions

Allowing traders to ensure trading in the specific time period. A time lock is a Smart Contract embedded in a blockchain for executing a transaction at a particular time.

Two-factor Authentication

Provide secure access to specific user accounts by verifying themselves in two different factors.

Premium Features

Cryptocurrency Loans

Traders can consider borrowing loans instantly by delivering crypto assets in the form of collateral with low interest rates and higher security.


Aggregation of the DeFi portal to go through the famous DeFi tokens, DeFi projects, and synthetic assets along with the market cap.

DEX or Decentralized Trading

Advanced user login features to sign in to the exchange platform with the help of a unique password every time.

P2P Trading

Allow the traders to sell and buy instantly cryptos for fiat with other traders.

Smart Pooling

A transparent and advanced pool service for miners to ensure guaranteed income.

Liquidity Swap

Delivering complete access to liquidity swap and allowing traders to trade with approved stable coins and tether coins.

Launchpad or IEO

We offer access to an open portal to help with the listing of emerging tokens as well as cryptos. It helps in revolutionizing the entire crypto industry with the specification for determined goals.


Our solution experts allow the traders to navigate the concept of Locked Staking. We also help with Flexible Staking and DeFi Staking while staking the desired assets of the traders to help them earn rewards.

Admin Features

Admin Login

An easy step to login for signing into the exchange platform with 2FA mechanism.

Transaction Management

Allow the admin to manage different transactions taking place on the exchange platform.

Trade Management

Ensuring trading management with information like trading pairs, trade history, and order books.

Admin Dashboard

A detailed dashboard with information of users and referrals. The admin dashboard is available with a smooth and user-friendly interface. It is possible to monitor all user transactions, withdrawal history, crypto wallet funds, pending transactions, and so more.

Admin Profit

Information about profits obtained by the admin over asset trading on the exchange platform.

Referral Commission

Detailed information on the commissions received over the referral programs.

dmin Bank Management

A Storing and managing complete details of the bank of the exchange platform.

Sub Admin

We offer access to a separate sub admin login for performing all the core tasks as assigned by the admin. Sub Admin is capable of accessing only specific details as provided by the admin through access permission.

User Features

User Login

Allowing users to sign in to the exchange platform with a unique password every time.

Referral Network

Improvising the activity of the traders with rewards.

Notification Preferences

Increasing user engagement in the crypto exchange.

P2P exchange

Ensuring highly secured trading without any third-party involvement.


Integrated security features to protect personal data and traders assets

Balance Section

Ensuring secured transactions in the exchange platform.

User Dashboard

The interactive user dashboard in our Binance clone script is available with a strong feature for user login -allowing users to sign in to the exchange with the respective credentials every time. The stunning user dashboard allows users trade cryptos quickly with the help of a dedicated order book system while monitoring the crypto wallets and analyzing the overall trading performance.

Multiple Order Types

We enable market orders, limit orders, and stop orders in the white label Binance-like exchange platform. This feature helps users to buy as well as sell the crypto coins quickly according to their preference depending on the overall price movement.

How does Binance Clone Script Work?

  • Monitoring real-time life updates in the crypto exchange platform with the Binance clone script software. After mobile verification and email verification, the account gets activated after further security.
  • Users can undergo AML and KYC verification by submitting some documents.
  • The users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies on different interfaces.
  • If users wish to trade in the NFT platform, the users can leverage the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

At Appinop Technologies, we offer ample support to your Binance clone app development projects. We can help with:

  • Supervision and maintenance: We offer in-depth supervision and up-gradation services to offer Binance clone a high level of competence.
  • Reduced Transaction Cost: As we reduce the total number of validators along with transactional costs, we can help you in achieving the goals of the adoption of PoA (Proof of Authority) and other consensus mechanisms.

Why Choose Appinop Technologies for Binance Clone Script Development?

At Appinop Technologies, we are experts in delivering all types of cryptocurrency exchange solutions with ultimate perfection at the best competitive prices. We also hold immense expertise in delivering cryptocurrency exchange scripts along with interactive apps featuring high-end features. We have been successful in helping a number of small businesses and startups create as well as launch a profitable crypto exchange platform with 100% similarity to the original platform.

We feature a pool of highly skilled and valued developers who can fulfill your dream of developing a high-end Binance exchange clone. We offer state-of-the-art Binance clone script for entrepreneurs and startups to initiate the creative crypto exchange platform like Binance. Our premium-grade Binance exchange clone script is bug-free and highly customizable. Therefore, you can customize the platform as per your specific business requirements.

  • Use of the latest technology
  • Resource-saving mechanism
  • Responsive support
  • Immense expertise in the industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Binance serves to be a both centralized as well as decentralized cryptocurrency platform for the users. When you develop a Binance clone with our help, you can get access to all its core features.
Binance is one of the most famous cryptocurrency exchange platforms with its unique features and functionalities to save ample time and resources.
Cryptocurrency is being adopted by users all around the world. They require feature-rich exchange platforms to ensure transactions. Therefore, there is a higher scope.
You can think of generating ample revenues by collecting fees for fremium services, trading fees, deposit fees, withdrawal fees, promotions, and so more with the help of the Binance clone exchange platform that we design.
Yes. We deliver exceptional Binance clone script development solutions featuring high-end trading and security functionalities. We deliver access to a highly customizable Binance clone exchange platform with all the existing plugins and features of Binance.
It will eventually depend on the features included and the complexity of the project.
The overall costs of developing a Binance-like clone exchange platform will vary from one project to another. It would ultimately depend on your specific business requirements along with the wide range of features that you require for the exchange platform. We offer access to world-class Binance clone script along with cost-effective Binance clone script development solutions for all businesses and startups. You can contact our team now to get a hold of further information.