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NFT marketplace provides the ideal environment to buy, sell and trade Non Fungible Tokens. Appinop helps develop an NFT marketplace that leverages blockchain technology to bring forth impenetrable security across the entire platform. We also provide jaw-dropping designs that ensure that your platform stands out in the market.

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Empower The Future of Virtual Assets With NFT Marketplace Development

Supercharge your business with our NFT development services, where we develop never-seen-before and future-ready platforms. We are your one-stop solution to multiply your business revenue multifold.

Our NFT Marketplace Development Services


NFT Marketplace Design and Development

With our in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology, IPFS protocol, and smart contracts, we can create captivating and user-centric NFT platforms. Our platforms are the ideal playground for users to mint and trade NFTs with ease.


NFT Smart Contracts Audit

Developers at Appinop follow comprehensive guidelines that make sure NFT smart contracts follow industry-standard security and compliances. We carefully audit each smart contract so that no breaches or bugs are passed onto the platform.


NFT Marketplace Support and Maintenance

Our relationship with our client does not end after the platform is up and running. We offer continuous support that ensures that your platform is always updated according to your requirements. We also keep track of new OS updates and ensure the 24/7 running of the nodes.


NFT Development

Turn your assets into Non Fungible Tokens with our token creation protocol at our marketplace. Our team of developers are experts in developing platforms so that customers can mint tokens from their assets.

NFT Use Cases

Crypto Collectibles

Tokenization of collectible assets like high-value collectible cards makes them timeless. With NFTs, the ownership of crypto assets is verified and recorded within the blockchain. Along with that, they can be easily leveraged for liquidity.


NFTs can help monetize in-game assets, which would otherwise be impossible with traditional games. With that, NFTs provide the feature to provide the authenticity of those assets.

Software License Management

The software license agreements can be easily turned into an NFT where the owners can sign and authenticate each license. This will eliminate piracy and duplication of the software.

Asset Lifecycle Management

NFT assets are timeless, and users can quickly transfer ownership within an NFT Marketplace.

Trading Marketplace

With NFTs, a wide range of assets can be tokenized and passed onto the blockchain. This opens up the possibility of trading assets like digital arts, domain names, and properties without any intermediaries.

Content Subscription

Platforms like Prime and Netflix can tokenize their content. It will ensure that only subscribers can interact with the content.


Artists can flourish by selling their arts as digital collectibles. On top of that, they can ensure the trading of their artworks without the risk of copyright and piracy thefts.


Music creators can mint their pieces of music into an NFT and list them on the marketplace. This will attract music lovers to the NFT platform while eliminating the risk of duplication.

Real Estate

Tokenizing real estate assets can help facilitate fast and seamless transactions without the need for intermediaries like banks and lawyers. Additionally, users can also list virtual lands on the marketplace.

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Features of Non-Fungible Tokens


NFTs are interoperable in nature. This makes sure that we can trade them in a wide variety of marketplaces. Additionally, NFT holders can leverage the tokens for trading, bidding, and stakes while retaining the ability to sell them in the market.


With Smart contracts, Developers can enforce the supply of NFTs. After the contract is deployed on the blockchain, it becomes immutable. Immutability ensures the uniqueness of the NFTs.


Cryptocurrencies and tokens can be divided into fragments. This way, an individual can have part ownership of those tokens. But NFTs cannot be split, which guarantees that they are unique.


Since NFTs are deployed on a public blockchain, this makes sure that all its standards are reusable. This establishes a standardization protocol that other developers can follow when developing NFTs for the marketplace.

Why Choose Us

Why should you get NFT Marketplace Development Services from Appinop?

Core Team of Blockchain Experts

Our team of developers is an expert in NFT and blockchain protocols. These skills ensure that we are the best in NFT marketplace development services.

Expertise in Blockchain Platforms

In working for NFT marketplace development platforms, our teams have worked closely with multiple blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, FLOW, Stellar, Tezos, and many more.

Project's Confidentiality

Our NFT marketplace app development team is highly professional, and with that, we can assure you that we will leak no information from our end. For our client’s assurance, we are open to signing an NDA.

Quick and Agile Development Process

Our Team understands the value of time, and we make sure to provide on-time delivery of your projects which have been passed through stringent quality checks.

NFT Marketplace FAQs

Our team of experts has a robust experience of more than 2 years in NFT and Blockchain development. Along with that, we have delivered over 10+ NFT marketplace solutions to our global clientele.

With that, we are the leading company that can build an NFT marketplace focused on security, practical dispute denial, and customizable platforms.
Developing an NFT marketplace from the ground up can take anywhere from 30-45 working days.

But with Appinop’s white-label NFT marketplace development, you can have an already battle-tested back end and a customizable front end in a matter of weeks. Please note that additional business requirements will likely take some extra time.
The cost of developing an NFT marketplace depends on:

1. Geographic location
2. Blockchain Platform
3. Gas Fess associated with blockchain
4. Features of the marketplace
5. Human resources
The many benefits of NFT marketplace development are:

1. The platform draws a pre-defined set of eyes for the marketplace that is interested in NFTs and blockchain. This provides a high volume to the marketplace.

2. Categorization of NFTs according to top artists, trending NFTs, and many more. The marketplace also promotes NFTs increasing their chances of selection.

3. Multi-chain and interoperability bring a broad audience from all blockchains.

4. A streamlined and simplified process for the minting of NFTs and the seamless importation of NFT from the wallets.

5. Straightforward authentication and verification of NFTs. Users can also track the history of ownership with the marketplace.

6. Smart contracts provide a trustless platform and act as an escrow account that holds the buyers' cryptocurrencies. After a successful transfer of NFT to the buyer, the smart contract automatically transfers the crypto into the seller's account. Thus eliminating human error and trust from the marketplace.

7. Smart contracts safeguard both the seller and the buyer and ensure no fraudulent transactions are passed onto the marketplace.
Targeting the right audience and hiring an experienced NFT marketplace development company can be the ideal choice to create your own NFT marketplace. In this regard, Appinop is your best choice to make your vision a reality.