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Food Delivery Models We Serve

We at Appinop create food delivery apps for multiple brands and businesses. The 4 delivery models we serve are:

Food Delivery Aggregators

Want an app like Zomoto or Swiggy to act as a go-between for customers and restaurants? Our experts can assist you in the creation of this app.

Restaurant Chains

Do you have a restaurant chain? We can create a model identifying the company's menu selection, service approach, and overall value proposition. Work with developers with expertise in streamlining the management of several restaurants.

Single Restaurants

Contact us to create a special app for your single restaurant, helping you stay ahead of your competitors. With our food app development services, you can connect your restaurant with your customers.

Cloud Kitchen

For all cloud or virtual kitchen owners, we create custom food delivery solutions to help cloud kitchens set up their foot in the market.

Advance Technology We Offer In Our Food App Delivery Solution


Create an app with precise online order data capture to send directly to the kitchen, avoiding delays. This technology ensures there are zero human errors.

Kitchen Administration

We use advanced technologies to streamline the client's kitchen operation. A customized food delivery app ensures precision and efficiency.

Manage Your Food Business

We assist you in building a food delivery app with a strong dashboard that manages catalogs, payments, discounts, reviews, ratings, and more from a single place.

Contactless Ordering (QR Code)

We can ensure food orders are contactless and safe, making the process COVID-proof.

Food Delivery Market: An Overview

The development rate of the online food delivery services market is going to be 15.4% by 2025. This growth is fueled by internet access and smartphone adoption. expanding the market, expanding the whole food delivery business, and enabling customers to order meals from multiple restaurants. With the success of Swiggy and Zomato as top delivery aggregators, their popularity has increased, helping with the market's expansion. Also, there is an increase in the need for low-cost, accessible food sources.

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Be A Leader In Online Food Industry

Our food delivery app development services can make your food delivery business stand out. We are experienced in tech solutions, ensuring scalable app development. We assure you, you will be the next ‘leader’ in the food delivery industry.

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Wishbox is an app for Food and Grocery delivery in Qatar. This app is designed by best developers of Apprinop which is a leading company of website and app development.

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Sprinkle Food Delivery App

The names define "Sprinkle Food Delivery App" is an app for food delivery in Northern Kerela. Thats is an easy to use application with the filters of your choice.

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Looking for an app like Swiggy or UberEats? Use Our Food Delivery App Development

Looking for food delivery app development to create an on-demand food delivery app? We are a premium food delivery app development company and can aid you in developing a full-fledged food delivery and ordering app. We provide services for developing an on-demand food delivery app like Swiggy or Zomato, ensuring it has robust features, functionalities, and top technologies. Why choose to build a food delivery app? It can help you attract food lovers and create a brand identity using unique services and features. Connect with us today to create your robust food delivery app.

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Features We Offer For Custom Food Delivery App Development


Nearby Restaurant

Customers can search for nearby eateries using this feature.


Restaurant Menu

With this feature, you can search, view, and compare the menus of the finest restaurants available near you and choose the one to your liking


Coupon Management

Another function we offer is letting customers access and apply promotional offers and discount coupons.


In-App Payments

Multiple payment options are integrated to allow customers to pay for their food conveniently.


Rating & Reviews

The feature is to let the customer rate, review, and comment on the price, quality, and overall experience of the restaurant they are ordering food from.


Social Media Login

We offer users the ability to link their social network accounts with the food delivery apps to share their meal delivery photos, reviews, and experiences.


Innovative Food Delivery Business Idea

Real-time tracking must be available for customers' meal orders. Customers should be able to see exactly where their orders are and how long it will for the driver to reach them.



After logging in, drivers are able to create their own profiles on the application.


Manage Orders

The app must allow drivers to accept orders and keep track of numerous deliveries.


Order History

The app should enable drivers to save and manage all of the information related to meal orders and delivery.


Tracking in Real-time

Using maps, drivers may see where their customers are at any one time, as well as obtain instructions from them.


Realtime Requests

Customers' app-placed orders are sent to drivers via push notifications.



A driver's availability can be specified during different periods of the day.


Payment History

Tracking and managing day-to-day payments on the app should be simple and convenient for drivers.



Allows restaurant owners to sign up and build a profile that include their address and contact information, a comprehensive menu with pricing, and delivery options, among other things.


Managing The Menu

New menus may be created or menus can be customized based on client food preferences and supply.


Manage Orders

Restaurants can manage all of their orders in one spot and can see all of the orders, including those that have been sent, picked up, and scheduled for delivery or pickup.


Real-time Tracking of Driver

With their real-time location, restaurants can monitor the whereabouts of drivers. In addition, they may see the entire delivery time and the routes taken by each package.


Manage Offers & Discounts

If a restaurant is interested in attracting more customers by offering special discounts and promotions, it may do so by modifying or creating new ones.


Payment History

Restaurants may handle all orders in a single location and have a comprehensive picture of all orders, including pending, dispatched, and scheduled ones.


Push Notifications

Every time a new order is placed, a notice is sent to the restaurant informing them of the order status (received or dispatched), as well as any online payments that have been received.


Customer Management

Customer data, cuisines, restaurants, and orders may all be viewed on the dashboard.


Restaurants Management

Management of restaurants by inserting, updating, or eliminating them from the list.


Driver Management

It contains all the information about the drivers, including their names, license numbers, and other personal information.


Payment & Commission Management

Owners of restaurants are able to select payment and commission rates straight from the panel.


Menu & Timing

Businesses may develop and manage many menus, each with its own specific time constraints, using the admin panel.


Delivery Zone Management

Using the control panel, the restaurant's proprietors may keep tabs on every meal delivery.


Analyzing & Reporting

Real-time data and reports can help you uncover growth and expansion prospects.


Promo Codes

Promo codes for cash on delivery offers and discounts may all be controlled through this panel.

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Food Ordering App Development: Factors Affecting Its Cost

The cost of developing a food delivery app depends on multiple factors. The platform being one and the choice of features you wish to include in your app. Here are a few factors we, as the leading food app delivery development company, know affect the cost.

Features and Functionality Complexity:

The variety and intricacy of features and functionalities within the app.

UI/UX Design:

The expenditure associated with crafting the frontend appearance and usability of the app.

App Platform:

The chosen platform for app development, whether Android, iOS, or Web.

Technology Stack:

The assortment of technologies, frameworks, and APIs utilized in the app's development.

Third-Party Integrations:

Additional technologies integrated to enhance the app's capabilities and features.

App Maintenance:

Post-launch expenditures for ongoing app upkeep and updates.

App Hosting:

The cost contingent on the selected hosting service for the app.

App Security:

Expenses related to app protection measures and security protocols.

I want to Develop my Food Delivery App

Food App Development Process We Follow

  • Gathering Data

    The first step is to gather documentation, as we focus on thorough documentation benefiting both parties. It ensures comprehension, and both clients and developers are on the same page.


    Gathering Data

    The first step is to gather documentation, as we focus on thorough documentation benefiting both parties. It ensures comprehension, and both clients and developers are on the same page.

  • 02

    Visualization, wireframes, and designs

    We work with our clients to produce user-friendly UI designs that are attractive and easy to understand.

  • Creating a demo

    We create a demo or prototype to help the clients understand how their app or website will look on a certain platform.


    Creating a demo

    We create a demo or prototype to help the clients understand how their app or website will look on a certain platform.

  • 04

    Confirmation and Change

    The demo is for the client's benefit. They can make modifications to the same or add to the existing app or website. Express your request, and we will take into consideration making the said changes.

  • Development

    Once everything is finalized, we go ahead with the development process.



    Once everything is finalized, we go ahead with the development process.

  • 06


    Finally, it is time to test the app for any issues or bugs and then deploy it. We also assist the clients with UAT, training, and launching their food delivery solution.

  • Providing Assistance and Performing Maintenance

    In accordance with the criteria of our agreement, we offer free service and support. Monthly or annual plans are also available, depending on the requirements.


    Providing assistance and maintenance

    After deploying the app, we provide maintenance and support for any issues or bugs for some time, free of charge.

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Why Choose Our Food Delivery App Development Services?

With years of experience, we develop bespoke food delivery solutions best suited to a restaurant's needs. Whether you are a small start-up or a large food chain, we offer excellent customized solutions for developing food delivery management systems. Also, known for the best grocery delivery app development, we can take your food app to new heights. Here's why you should choose us:

Custom Grocery Delivery App Development

Customer Satisfaction

Our food delivery apps are integrated with the latest and most advanced features to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Custom Grocery Delivery App Development

Integrity and transparency

Our app development practices are fully ethical and honest. We understand your requirements and create an app accordingly with full transparency. We provide proper communication and feedback for every development stage.

Custom Grocery Delivery App Development

24/7 customer support

Need help with the food app development solution? Call us anytime, and we will assist you with any issues or queries.

Custom Grocery Delivery App Development

Multiple development models

We offer four delivery models for our food app development services. Choose the one as per your needs for the best results.

Custom Grocery Delivery App Development

Affordable and competitive price

Our food app delivery solution packages are affordable and competitive. We have no hidden prices; we clearly state the amount of time and money it will take to develop an app with certain features.

Technologies We Employ For Food App Development

  • PHP Image PHP Core
  • Kotlin Image Kotlin
  • Swift Image Swift
  • Bootstrap Image Bootstrap
  • JQuery Image JQuery
  • MySQL Image MySQL
  • AWS Image AWS

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of creating a food delivery or ordering app will depend on multiple factors. The cost will depend on the base price a company has for mobile app development, the features you require in your food app, the estimated time, and the functionalities you require. Also, the logistic support and platform you choose also add to the price. So, the price can range anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000.

A basic app with limited features and functionality can take around two to four months to complete. However, an app with more complex features and functionalities will take anywhere from four to six months to complete.

  • To streamline the process of home deliveries by automating the process 100%
  • For enhancing home delivery time
  • To ensure deliveries happen with minimal labor
  • To reach more customers

By following a few simple steps, you can create a food app delivery solution:

  • Ensure your food app idea is correct.
  • Choose your food app development model.
  • Select the features you want in the app.
  • Select the tech stack.
  • Design and development
  • Test the app.
  • Launch and market the app.
  • Maintenance and support

It is challenging to make money using a food delivery application. But you can accomplish this in multiple ways, like:

  • Investing in the best tech stack for accepting orders, ensuring clear communication channels, and more.
  • Delivering the best customer experience
  • Offering promotions and coupons.