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Appinop is a premium multi-game platform development company. Our experts are leaders in creating mobile game services with high functionality and advanced features. Our developers are equipped to create appealing and mind-blowing graphics, keeping users engaged for hours. We have over 100+ in-house core teams of expert developers, testers, designers, and developers known for providing top multigaming apps like Skillz and more.

Prime Multi-Gaming Platform Development Company

Appinop Technologies, with 7+ years of experience, is the leader in creating next-generation mobile gaming applications. We are the expert multi-game platform development agency, delivering affordable solutions to provide our customers with top-notch services. With research-backed data, we are creating multi-gaming apps with unique and engaging features and functionalities.

What Are Multigaming Apps?

Application combining a wide range of games in one app is known as a multigaming app or application. The games are divided into multiple genres and have apps for everyone whether they are kids, teenagers, housewives or adults. Multi game platform developers use innovation to let users access multiple games including popular and original titles by downloading one single mobile application.

Multi-Gaming Platform: The Central Of All Online Games

Multigaming App means a game app containing a number of games in one app. It’s not about two or three games; we can provide hundreds of games for your multigaming app in skill-based and luck-based categories.

Rummy Game

Poker Game

Sudoku Game

Carrom Game

Teen Patti Game

Puzzle Game

Ludo Game

Pool Game

Fruit Ninja Game

Candy Game

Multigaming App Development Features

Installation and playing were made easy.

Play games online with real money.

Guest Feature Playing Option


Refer friends and family

Easy Onboarding

Live Scoreboard

Multiple payment gateways

Smart Notification

Secure Payments


In-app Audio/Video chats

Learn and Earn

Daily bonus coins

Serving Ads

The success of your multi-game apps depends on its features and functionalities. Our multi-game platform developers are well-versed in multigaming techniques and can add standard or any cutting-edge features you need to integrate in your app.

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With multiplayer gaming options and high security.

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Multigaming Platform Development: Admin Control Features

There are multiple admin control features, giving access to only admins to customize the game elements and functionalities. The list of admin features Appinop provides includes:


A necessary feature showcasing how the game is performing against other games. Dashboard visually represents your weaknesses, strengths, and other areas requiring improvement.

Game Controls

Numerous game settings are here that you can customize too, like sound, language, game tutorials, and notifications.

User Profile

It is the home of the user, with all resources available. Here they can see the games they have won or lost. Additionally, they use it to change their profile picture and name.

Lobby Creation

This feature lets the admin have the option to create lobbies. Players, match matching, and game servers can all make lobbies.

Finance Management

This feature lets the admin manage multiple bank accounts of the users with ease. It lets you keep track of where you transfer the winning money.


This fear connects users from different places to begin the playing sessions.

Reward Point Management

It lets the admin create a loyalty program. The user who uses the app regularly will get higher rewards in comparison to players who do not.

Advertisement Management

This feature manages ads according to your needs. You can choose ads by analyzing the market trend. The admin controls all in-app ads in their gaming app.

Multigaming App Development Process

As the prime multigaming platform development company, Appinop expert staff use their out-of-the-box thinking to create exceptional strategies to turn your multigaming app into a reality. We strive to deliver a functional app with the best features to our clients.


Game Requirement, Research and Analysis


Structurative Flow and Designing


Game Development



Support and Maintenance


Making the Game Live


Game Testing

Multigaming App Development FAQs

Game development is our forte. Our 7+ years of experience in gaming platform development and ability to add multiple features make us the top multigaming app development firm.
The aim of developing a multigaming platform is to reach a wider audience. Thus, they are usually compatible with a variety of devices and platforms. It includes prime gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, PC, and even Mac computers. Moreover, many such apps are compatible with iOS and Android phones too.
Yes, within a multigaming platform, cross-game communication is possible, and many users take part in live audio or video chats. The features of the app allow the users to interact with each other, enhancing their experience of the game and making it immersive.
Our experts can integrate over 100 games, including the likes of card games, arcade games, puzzle games, and more.
Yes, by playing games using real money, you can earn a lot using your skill set on a multi-gaming platform.
Developers can monetize the app using various techniques, like:
  • pp purchases
  • Premium games
  • Subscriptions
  • Advertising
  • Partnerships and sponsorships