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What is a Token?

A token is an entity that is widely utilized for ensuring financial transactions across different industry verticals depending on the specified objective. Token carries along some value with itself. The value of a token is not fixed. It will vary depending on the domain.

Tokens are created for different purposes -including business, personal, and transactional. There are different types of tokens available in the market. Tokens are created by writing as well as deploying smart contracts in famous blockchain platforms including Tron, Ethereum, Binance Chain, EOS, etc.

What is ERC20 Token?

ERC20 token is a type of official protocol for proposing enhancements to the ETH or Ethereum Network. ERC implies Ethereum Request for Comment. At the same time, 20 stands for the proposal identifier or the unique ID number to help in distinguishing the standard from others. It is regarded as a common standard for the creation of tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain. The token standard helps in defining a specific set of rules that apply to the ERC20 tokens allowing them to interact with one another.

The core difference between ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin is that ERC20 tokens are hosted and created on the Ethereum Blockchain. On the other hand, Bitcoin gets created on the Bitcoin blockchain. ERC20 tokens get stored as well as sent by making use of Ethereum transactions while using gas to span transaction fees. It is regarded as the first-ever famous specification that offers access to the standardization of Ethereum tokens. It is because of the overall popularity and how it has become increasingly famous amongst investors.

How does an ERC20 Token Work?

The ERC20 Token cannot be regarded as a token by Ethereum. However, it is a token that is based on the same blockchain that is used for empowering Ether or Ethereum. To start over with using ERC20 token, you can choose a dedicated name along with an idea or purpose of the token. A reliable ERC20 token development company will go ahead with handling the overall development of token and smart contracts.

An ICO or Initial Coin Offering sale will be organized to gather funds from potential investors in exchange for the future tokens. Individuals, who think of purchasing the ERC20 tokens, will own them collectively. Then, you can think of putting the tokens on hold while allowing trading through the cryptocurrency exchange. Alternatively, you can also think of extending the usage of the tokens to real-world or physical applications.

Benefits of ERC20 Token Development

With the help of ERC20 tokens, it is possible for the developers to design DApps on the Ethereum blockchain. Here are some benefits of ERC20 token development services:

  • Minimal risk of contract interruption
  • Fast and unaltered transaction
  • Higher liquidity
  • Executing transactions more efficiently
  • It is a standard protocol for following and maintaining
  • Ease of token execution and implementation by the developers
  • The function allows the ERC20 to allow the client to ensure collaboration with blockchain and token fast and more efficient
  • Smart contracts ensuring that transactions are risk-free

Highlights of ERC20 Token Development

The overall supply set at the creation of ERC20 token

Obtain 100 percent ownership of ERC20 token developed

Token name, the initial supply, and symbol of custom ERC20

No requirement of programming skills for ERC20 token development

Published and verified smart contracts and its source code

Support for ERC20 tokens by most wallets and exchanges

A widely-used token standard while getting support by multiple wallets

Great for trading applications wherein there is the importance of fungibility

Types of Token Development

Security Tokens

These are usually backed up by some legal framework while having the values linked with a physical and real instrument like bonds, gold, stocks, or real estate.

Utility Tokens

It is created towards fulfilling a specific purpose like a way for users to purchase services or goods of a specific blockchain platform.

Equity Tokens

These are available as digital coins or tokens for representing specific equity ownership. Tokenization of equities can help in increasing liquidity through the creation of ownership units.

Non-fungible Tokens

These are digital tokens without any tangible form of their own. They are typically used for tokenizing aspects like games, collectibles, and art.

Non-fungible Tokens

These are digital tokens without any tangible form of their own. They are typically used for tokenizing aspects like games, collectibles, and art.

Currency Tokens:

It is aimed at being used as a real currency for selling or buying products or services while ensuring payments at the same time.

What is ICO Development?

When an enterprise decides to attract potential investment for the overall development, it will issue tokens. It is known as ICO.

Ethereum Token Standards We Work With

ERC20 Token Development

It features the list of rules for creating dedicated smart contracts and tokens on Ethereum blockchains.

ERC71 Token Development

ERC721 is a highly advanced version of token standards that turns out to be non-fungible.

ERC223 Token Development

ERC223 is a dedicated ERC token standard for preventing token losses during the transfer of tokens.

ERC777 Token Development

ERC777 is an all-new, advanced token standard for eliminating send-tokens-to-contract bugs in the ERC20 standard.

ERC827 Token Development

It is an extended standard of the ERC20 token to enable the standard features to ensure token transfers.

Dual Chain Architecture

ERC1155 Token Development: The standard helps in the creation of feasibility to ensure any type of token type.

ER20 Token Market Capitalization

As per recent study reports, the current price of ERC20 tokens is around $0.018829. Moreover, its 24-hour trading volume stands at $18,601.41. The market capitalization of ERC20 is expected to increase up to 16 percent with the total market cap of around $21,211,955.

How to Create Your Own ERC20 Tokens?

If you wish to create your own ERC20 tokens, you can follow a simple series of steps:

Research and Discovery

Token’s name -You are expected to choose the right name of the token,

Symbol of the Token

Symbol is critical to the ERC20 token development process. Therefore, you should decide on the same.

Total Supply

You should maintain a record of total number of tokens in circulation -as allocated by the owner.

Total Decimal Places

A token will feature 8 decimal places -fraction part of the respective tokens.


It will return the account’s token balance to the address of the authorized individual.

How Much Does It Cost to Create ERC20 Tokens?

The total cost of developing the ERC20 tokens will depend on specific factors -including features of the token, token platform, design of the token, distribution, and token testing.

The range of costs of ERC20 token development will vary from a minimum value to the maximum value. It will ultimately depend on the respective ideas along with the number of tokens you require for the given project. It will also depend on the scope of the development projects and its standards. Most of the project owners try developing the tokens with the help of different cryptocurrency exchange platforms like CEX.IO, Coinbase, Binance, etc.

If you wish to be assured of seamless development of ERC20 tokens, you can think of hiring services from a reliable ERC20 token development company. Before you choose a reliable ERC20 token development company, it is recommended to go through proper reviews and testimonials of the previous clients. You should also go through dedicated company profiles to know their expertise in the market. Then, you need to make sure that you receive 100% customer satisfaction for your investment of money.

ERC20 Token Development Services

Token Creation

We deliver access to optimized non-fungible and fungible tokens within the Ethereum blockchain that can be easily recycled and are highly sustainable.

ICO Development

In addition to coin creation, we can also help in the development and running of a successful ICO campaign. It allows you to market your ERC20 tokens while generating ample funds

Token Wallet Development

Depending on your unique requirements, our expert developers can design a unique ERC20 token wallet. The digital wallet is made available for all investors and users of the token.

Token Transfer

With ERC20 digital wallet, you can avail the high-end feature to include the capability of token transfers with the help of a unique wallet address.

Why Choose Appinop for ERC20 Token Development?

Priority on Customers:

We prioritize customers for all our services. We thoroughly analyze your ERC20 development project to deliver the best possible solution.

Best Customer Services

We have an efficient team of customer services to ensure that we clear all your queries 24/7.

Technical Expertise:

Our ERC20 token developers have varying levels of expertise to make sure that we deliver exceptional projects.

Complete Dominance:

We have garnered a strong reputation in the industry to ensure top-notch ERC20 token development services.

Impressive Turnaround Time

Our customer care team is available 24/7 to deliver seamless services along with a faster turnaround time of project delivery.

Frequent Updates

With the help of a dedicated account manager, you can get access to frequent updates about the overall progress of your project while providing suggestions continuously.

ERC20 Token Development FAQs

The ERC20 token is utilized as the standard for the creation and issuance of Smart Contracts on the leading Ethereum blockchain. Smart Contracts can, therefore, be used to create tokenized assets in which people can invest.
A leading ERC20 token list includes Tether, Chainlink, Ox, OmiseGO, and Wrapped Bitcoin.
Some of the core interfaces or functionalities as explained by ERC20 token development are -balanceOf(), totalSupply(), allowance(), transferForm(), approve(), and transfer().
The Ledger NanoX is regarded as one of the most popular and secure wallets for storing ERC20 tokens by Ethereum users. It is capable of supporting a number of coins while ensuring integration with MyEtherWallet.
It is regarded as a public ledger that is written in the form of a code to develop a contract between involved parties in the given blockchain. We include Smart Contracts in the ERC20 token development package.
Our comprehensive ERC20 token development package includes token creation, token transfer, ICO development, and token wallet development services.