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Every crypto startup will have the dream of starting a cryptocurrency exchange platform with excellent features. As we all know, crypto exchange is the best revenue-generating business model in the modern era. Therefore, creating your own exchange platform is one of the most effective ways to generate increased money within a short period of time.

Our expert consulting and development services enable you to create a platform to allow users to trade a comprehensive range of cryptocurrencies seamlessly and securely. We can design solutions that allow you to obtain money lucratively through multiple streams -including withdrawal fees, listing fees, trading fees, and deposit fees.

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Developing a Zebpay-like Crypto Exchange Platform Clone Script for Your Business

In the modern era, most famous cryptocurrency exchanges keep coming up in the ongoing crypto space to provide dependable trading services. We help with prominent exchanges including LocalBitcoins, Coinbase, Binance, Zebpay, Paxful, and other leading exchanges. In the list of prominent crypto exchanges, Zebpay is regarded as one of the most famous crypto exchanges with a number of active crypto users. If you have an idea to come up with a crypto exchange like Zebpay, then you can opt for our Zebpay clone script solutions for optimum outcomes.

You can think of launching a cryptocurrency exchange like Zebpay with the help of our world-class Zebpay exchange clone script development solutions. From the latest stats, we observe that budding crypto entrepreneurs and startups are preferring Zebpay clone script for the creation of a crypto exchange like Zebpay instead of developing a crypto exchange from scratch.

If you are not used to the Zebpay clone script, then we can help you with top-class Zebpay clone script development services.

What is Zebpay?

Zebpay is an ideal and well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform in the global crypto marketplace. Zebpay is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform based in Singapore and was introduced in 2014. The exchange platform was firstly introduced by Saurabh Agarwal, Sandeep Goenka, and Mahin Gupta. The leading cryptocurrency trading platform enables users to buy, trade, and sell all virtual digital currencies in a hassle-free fashion with improved security. The exchange provides its crypto trading solutions to both the major mobile and web platforms -including Android and iOS platforms.

Currently, the platform boasts more than 3 million active cryptocurrency users across different parts of the world. It has been rapidly growing as well as gaining improved popularity from a huge spectrum of cryptocurrency investors across the world. Until now, the leading crypto exchange platform has been successful in achieving more than $2 million in total volume of fiat transactions. Hard work, constant efforts, and secure trading solutions have made Zebpay a successful and popular in the global cryptocurrency marketplace.

Just like other cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Zebpay delivers access to a secure cryptocurrency wallet for the crypto users across the globe. Once the company launched its crypto wallet in the market, it went ahead with launching the user-friendly cryptocurrency trading mobile-based application for the global users. In 2017, the trade volume of the exchange platform boosted to reach the value of $1 billion. In 2018 again, the trade volume managed to double itself to reach $2 billion.

Notable Features of Zebpay in Our Zebpay Clone Script

Develop your own cryptocurrency exchange like Zebpay with our custom-made, ready-to-make Zebpay exchange platform or wallet clone script. Whether you are a business owner or an all-new crypto enthusiast, powering and conquering the modern crypto industry is the ultimate dream in the pursuit of designing crypto exchanges with innovative features.

We are perfectly built and sourced to design feature-rich Zebpay clone script for your business. Our premium-class Zebpay clone script is designed completely while being processed, tested, and deployed and available for the exchange distribution process. We are a dedicated crypto exchange clone script development company for different exchange models like LocalBitcoins, Binance, Coinbase, etc.

Fiat Currency and Multiple Crypto Pairs:

The platform is capable of supporting multiple fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto pairs for users to trade as per convenience.

KYC Verification

The platform allows automated KYC verification for authenticated transactions and users.

Integrated Crypto Wallet

Like the native platform, our feature-rich Zebpay clone script comes along with the integrated crypto wallet with multi-signature and multi-currency support.

Push Notifications

The traders of the crypto exchange platform will be constantly receiving notification alerts on the latest trends, market prices, and so more.

Trading BOT

The crypto exchange platform features a trading BOT that remains integrated for the execution of seamless automated trades on the exchange platform.

API Integration

Our Zebpay clone exchange script is integrated effectively with API similar to the native platform for facilitating seamless transactions and effective liquidity management.

Speedy Transactions

Quite similar to the interactive Zebpay platform, we design clone scripts that deliver the assurance of rapid transactions while ensuring top performance with reduced latency.

Option for Private Message

Our feature-rich Zebpay clone script delivers the option of private messaging for enabling users to interact amongst themselves.

Two-factor Authentication

Our experienced team of Zebpay clone script developers ensures 2FA or Two-factor Authentication. It is a two-step authentication process for securing the accounts of the users and delivering an added layer of security.

Escrow Protection

To ensure a highly secure process of crypto trading for the users without making them prone to any risks, the clone script for Zebpay that we offer is integrated with an escrow based on Smart Contracts. It is quite similar to the original Zebpay platform.

Multi-layered Security Protocols

At Appinop, we ensure the integration of multi-layer security protocols into our feature-rich Zebpay clone script. Therefore, we enable a risk-free and high-security trading experience for the end users.

Support for Mobile Application

Similar to the native Zebpay platform, our interactive clone script also delivers support for mobile and web trading. It helps your business to expand its user base.

Advanced CMS

Without the requirement of programming skills, our revolutionary CMS platform will allow businesses to seamlessly manage as well as update platform content at any given instance.

Ease of Customization

Our customized Zebpay exchange clone script enables you to include or remove cryptocurrency pairs while sharing payment and order options.

Auto Withdrawal Caps

With us, you can easily specify withdrawal limits when you are the administrator. We guarantee the inflow of your platform commissions on a regular basis.

Order Match Engine

In our premium Zebpay clone script, in-built order trade match engine to perform instant trades and transactions.

Anti-Phishing Integration

At Appinop, our team of experienced Zebpay clone script developers offers top-class anti-phishing code for assisting users to explore authentic mails while replicating spam mails.

HTTPS Authentication

We design our Zebpay clone script to feature the most reliable and secure HTTPS authentication process. It helps in rendering a seamless user experience.

Our Expertise in Zebpay Clone Script Development

One of the major highlights of the crypto exchange platform is that it is widely accepted and supported in over 163 nations of the world. Moreover, it is also recognized as a leading crypto trading platform -both for the beginners and seasoned cryptocurrency traders.

Appinop is one of the leading app development companies extending its service range in the lucrative blockchain and cryptocurrency field. We are a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange or clone script development company. Our team of Zebpay clone script developers specializes in delivering reliable crypto exchange scripts for a number of popular exchange models that currently prevail in the market -including Zebpay.

At Appinop, our Zebpay clone script is optimized thoroughly while being crafted perfectly -quite identical to the original Zebpay crypto exchange platform. Our clone script features similar features and functionalities along with high-end trading tools, improved security, and simply, yet intuitive interface. Our effective Zebpay clone script is able to speak for itself. Moreover, our extensive user-base all around the globe offers the proof that we are a trust-worthy company.

In addition to offering premium Zebpay clone script development services, we also make sure that our clients are capable of leveraging the ease of customizing the clone script as per their specific requirements to achieve the desired app launch in the most affordable manner.

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  • Additional security protocols
  • Statistics monitoring
  • Support for mobile application
  • Referral programs
  • SMS verification
  • Sub-admin integration
  • Support superintendence

Developing a Zebpay-like Crypto Exchange Platform Clone Script for Your Business

Do you wish to create a Zebpay-like crypto exchange platform? You can opt for the premium-quality, highly functional clone script from Appinop. Our feature-rich clone script enables you to fully launch a highly functional and feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange platform like Zebpay as per your specific business needs.

Before you go ahead with developing a Zebpay-like exchange platform for your business, here are some factors to consider:

  • Prepare a set of unique business specifications
  • Look into the pros and cons of the existing Zebpay crypto exchange. Try rectifying the same on your platform.
  • Check out the specific laws of the nation wherein you wish to launch the platform. It is because some countries have banned the use of crypto exchanges. Therefore, ample research is required before you launch a crypto exchange platform in any country.
  • Ensure that you are well-funded to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Zebpay.
  • Contact a reliable Zebpay clone script provider like Appinop to receive error-free clone script.
  • Analyze whether or not cutting-edge features and high-end security systems are enabled in the given exchange.
  • Deploy the Zebpay-like crypto exchange by taking assistance from a white label, professional solution provider.

How Zebpay Cryptocurrency Exchange Functions?

If you wish to hire professional Zebpay crypto exchange clone script development services from our team, you should know about its core functioning.


Firstly, you are expected to register and create an account with the help of your desktop or mobile phone.


Once you have completed the process of OTP verification, activation is implemented successfully.


The next step is filling in your bio with relevant and important details -including name, username, and other core fields to ensure verifications like AML and KYC verifications.


The users can press the Buy Button located on the top-left corner of the exchange platform if you require buying a bitcoin.


Then, you can choose the desired fiat currency. Then, you can decide to make the exchange for the respective bitcoin


The amount of Bitcoin or BTC that the buyer wants to purchase is entered. Payments can then be done with the help of debit or credit card on the exchange platform.


Once you have selected the mode of payment, you can choose the ‘Place an Order’ icon to finish the cryptocurrency exchange effectively.


Once you have filled in the debit or credit card details, the order gets processed effectively.

How can you benefit from Our Zebpay Exchange Clone Script?

Our bespoke Zebpay clone script delivers the assurance that all your required functionalities are embedded effectively in the software solution. Customizable Zebpay exchange clone script by Appinop to launch leading crypto exchanges can benefit your business in many ways.

  • Quick & Easy launch: Our innovative Zebpay clone script is available in the ready-made format. Therefore, we ensure the quick and easy launch of the clone script for your business. Our solutions can help you save time and money extensively. Moreover, our clone script is also capable of integrating with all the core features and functionalities of the native Zebpay platform.

    With our professional solutions, you can drive potential customers towards your business while augmenting your business in the shortest possible period.
  • Reduced Efforts: We have a team of highly skilled and experienced clone script developers. They make the entire process of clone script development easier and seamless for your organization. Our specialists take care of every aspect of the development process -right from design to development, testing, deployment, and even support for your exchange.

    When you hire services from our team, all you are expected to do is to customize the clone script as per your preferences. Based on your requirements, you can expect a unique launch for your exchange platform.
  • Maximum Success Rates: Our Zebpay clone script is capable of replicating the attributes of a successful and an already-established crypto exchange platform like Zebpay. Therefore, it helps in improving your overall chances in the highly competitive marketplace.
  • Reduced Trading Fees: Our unique Zebpay clone script allows the end users to facilitate the ease of ensuring global transactions with reduced transactional cost. It will help in generating more trades. As such, you can expect more profitable returns -both for the platform owner and the end users.
  • Higher Customizability and Scalability: Our dedicated clone script is available with open source codes. This implies that our clone scripts for Zebpay platform are highly scalable and customizable as per your ever-evolving requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zebpay clone script is available as a ready-to-use and deploy cryptocurrency exchange platform. It includes all the similar features and functionalities like the famous Zebpay exchange platform.
Yes. However, our experts recommend against changing or modifying the code on your own. When you modify the script without prior coding knowledge, our team will not be able to implement more work on it. You can specify your specific business or platform requirements to our team in advance.
Yes. However, our experts recommend against changing or modifying the code on your own. When you modify the script without prior coding knowledge, our team will not be able to implement more work on it. You can specify your specific business or platform requirements to our team in advance.
When you purchase our reliable server as well, the web installation of the exchange platform can be completed in a short time. For iOS and Android application submissions, it will take significant time to upload the files. It is because mobile app stores will review the app in detail during submission. The app or exchange platform will go live when the app stores will be completing the review process.
Some of the core security features of the clone platform you should expect are two-way authentication, anti-phishing code integration, secure login, AML or KYC authentication, HTTPS authentication, and so more.
Appinop is a leading crypto exchange development company with ample domain expertise, proven work record, and a pool of experienced blockchain architects and developers. Through our expertise, we ensure prompt action and delivery.
Yes. We are committed to helping our clients achieve maximum success with an ultimate peace of mind. Therefore, we offer relevant support along with our Zebpay clone script development services.