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Cost of developing App like Airbnb

6 Key Factors Determining Development Cost for Building an App like Airbnb

Mobile App development is in trend nowadays. Gradually, businesses including hospitality & travel have started investing in mobile app development. While some are still in the planning phase. But the question that triggers every business owner is “how much it would cost?”


Before diving into the factors determining the development cost of creating hospitality & Travel mobile App like Airbnb. Let’s have a brief introduction about Airbnb.


So what is Airbnb?


Well, Airbnb is a travel and Hospitality app that offers a digital platform for property owners and travelers. It offers a captivating house rental solution worldwide for property owners and travelers who are searching for accommodation on a temporary basis.


Now, let’s explore the key factors that decide the costing of building an app like Airbnb.


Well, the total development cost for creating a mobile app like Airbnb depends on multiple factors.

But here we have listed down the key factors that determine the total cost for your App similar to Airbnb.


1. Choice of Platforms (Hybrid or Native)

Native apps are the apps which are developed for a specific mobile OS. Say for example to develop an app for Android and iPhone, developers have to write two separate code for Android OS and iOS. Whereas to develop Hybrid app one single code will work well on multiple mobile platforms. That’s why the cost of building a Native app will be higher than Hybrid ones.


For Hybrid app development estimated cost would be around USD 12,000

For Native app development (both iOS & Android) estimated cost would be around USD 18,000


2. Required feature & functionality, complexity and quality testing of mobile apps

The cost of hospitality app development varies with custom features & functionalities. As the number of features and complexity increase, the cost will also rise up. Reason being, as the features & complexity level increase, more will be the development and testing work.


3. Server Hosting & Maintenance

One of the key factors that determine the cost of app development is server hosting services & maintenance.

Server hosting is an IT platform where users access the application in a hassle freeway. Various types of Server Hosting plans are in the market. As there is no one-size that works on all hosting plan.


The server hosting service depends on the application to run, the number of resources, workloads and lots more. The different Server hosting charges further add up to the cost of building an app like Airbnb.


4. Number of resources working on a project (Project manager, iPhone or/and Android Developer, Web Developer, UX/UI Designer, and QA Analyst)

Your app development business idea will get life by the development team along with other teams. But this team is heavily responsible for making your app idea functional. Based on the different team size, the cost will vary too.


5. Region of the App Development Company


The region (location and country) of development is another key factor that influences the app development cost. Reason being, the hourly charges of developing varies with different locations.


Developing an app in the United States, Australia cost higher than India.


6. App security concern


Make sure that your app is safe and secure. In today’s data-centric world, data is the goldmine. The developers need to identify the loopholes and address these issues with the latest security tools. So, the cost of app development further increases with secure coding practices.


Closing Words


Mobile app development is reaching new heights with the latest technological advancement such as Chatbot app solutions, IoT app solutions, Augmented Reality solutions, Artificial Intelligence solutions and lots more. Well, the time has come to make a paradigm shift in your travel & hospitality business by collaborating with the best mobile app development company and invest in the app development.


All the aforementioned figures are roughly estimated for an app development cost. The actual development cost may vary with your custom requirements.


If you are ready with your business idea to get you app developed just like Airbnb, then talk to us about your business ideas. We at Appinop will make your idea functional.


Abhinav Chatterji
Abhinav Chatterji

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