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How Android Jetpack is Helping in Android App Development?

Nowadays, the market of Android apps is on a boom and these apps become a crucial part of our day-to-day life. Basically, Android App Development is a process in which new applications are created for the mobiles and desktops. Different methodologies are used for the app development that makes this process easier.


The tech giant Google CEO recently introduced a new tool Android Jetpack that helps developers in building robust and great Android app. Jetpack is basically a collection of Android Components and offers extended Support Library that simplifies the process of app development.


Here, in this blog, we would be discussing how Android Jetpack is a helpful tool for Android App Development.


What is Android Jetpack?

Jetpack is a collection of tools, set or group of libraries and architectural components that help developer for making an interactive mobile app easily. It provides common infrastructure codes due to which you can easily focus on developing unique apps.


It is available for the Android Studio 3.2 and designed for the Kotlin that adds all the updating features in the applications.


Role of Android Jetpack in Android App Development:-

Enhance Productivity of Your App: The foremost benefit of this tool is that it enhances productivity because it has been suitable to update all the features with more adaptability. You can easily work on your app cohesively. Kotlin language is mostly used by most of the developers as it is best in terms of productivity.


You Can Easily Create High-Quality Applications: This updating tool of Google helps developers in creating a high-quality application. Android jetpack is an integration of modern designs that eliminates possibilities of crashes and the problem of memory leak is also resolved easily.


Developer Easily Focus on Requirements: Focus is the main aspect of developing an interactive app. Use of jetpack helps users and makes it easy to focus on the requirement of the applications. As we all know, modern business requires an experienced Android developer that smartly implements all the new features in their applications.


There is no issue of Boiler Plate Code: This robust tool is effective and helpful in all the activities such as life cycle management and background task and navigation.


Main Components of Android Jetpack:

• Work manager

• Navigation

• Android KTX

• Paging


Features of Jetpack:

1)    Unbundled Components

2)    High-performance app with less coding

3)    Easy Integration

4)    Does not depend on Android Versions


Advantages of Android Jetpack:

• Featured with the latest design techniques

• Runs on all Android versions

• Enhance app development process

• Better testability

• Resolve all the issues in a good manner


So, this is all about Android jetpack that is recently released by Google. With the help of this tool, you can easily develop a unique, interactive and high-quality application. Use Android jetpack and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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