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Grocery app development for shoppers

How to Develop On-Demand Grocery Delivery App for Today’s Generation Shoppers?

According to research done by Food Marketing Institute conducted by Nielsen, online grocery sales are predicted to hold 20% of total grocery retail by the year 2025 to touch $100 billion in consumer sales.


As per FMI-Nielsen, online grocery’s share of the total $641b U.S. grocery market varies, from 2% to 4.3%.


As you can see various online Grocery apps are flooding the market with a plethora of captivating features. In today’s busy working world, taking out time other than office work is really hard. But on the other hand, buying grocery items is the basic necessity for a living.


To overcome the situation, developing a grocery delivery mobile app can make a big difference in today’s lifestyle. Now for shoppers, it is a bingo! No need to take out time to visit the store and put extra effort to buy the items by standing for a long in the queue.


For local shoppers, supermarket chains, and online grocery stores, this is a great opportunity to grow and flourish your grocery businesses by going digital.


Before hopping into the features of the grocery app, let’s throw some light on the below question.


How the customized grocery app is putting a smile on shopper’s faces?


Let’s go through the below valid pointers to answer the aforementioned question.


Shopper’s Convenience

One of the major reasons to develop a grocery delivery app is to provide convenience to its shoppers in this fast pacing time. With an on-demand grocery app, users can get rid of standing long in a queue of the store. Now it’s time to order anything with just a few taps and the same will be delivered right at your doorstep with no time.


Values Shopper’s Time

In today’s hectic lifestyle, managing time for visiting a grocery store and buying groceries after standing long in a queue for making payment is really next to impossible task.


With an on-demand grocery delivery app, shoppers can enjoy grocery shopping by sitting right from their home.


Grocery app assists your buyers to pick and order items with ease and quick and get those items at the doorsteps within a few minutes.


Save Money

As mentioned above, apart from saving a buyer’s valuable time and efforts, the online grocery ordering application saves hard-earned money as well.




First, shoppers can save heavy travel expenses by ordering grocery items from home and secondly, the on-demand grocery app development solution offers a wide array of exciting discounts and loyalty points.


The on-demand grocery delivery app comes up with various operational models. Some of the grocery delivery applications are discussed below:



If you are developing an online grocery mobile app based on the aggregator model, you need to tie up with local grocery stores. Thereafter, you will list those stores into your app, and then buyers will pick any of the listed store and order grocery items of their choices. Once the order is confirmed, he can monitor his or her order until he gets the items back at his doorstep.


All the tasks including order fulfillment to delivery are done by the individual store and you are just a mediator between the shopper and the store owner.



This kind of grocery app model is somewhat similar to the aggregator model. The only difference with this model is fleet management. This means you are responsible for the task such as order placement and grocery item delivery at the buyer’s doorstep.


Single store

In a grocery app model such as single store, grocery owner has their own branded app. Each and every task from maintaining the app to adding and updating grocery items to delivering the same to the buyer and collecting the payment all are done by the owner of the grocery store.


Now let’s move forward to know the different app panels and its features.


While getting your grocery app developed for your valuable shoppers, you need to look for the features listed below:


1.User Registration

Before operating the app, shoppers have to register in the app with few details.


2. Choose Store

The shoppers can look for their favorite store from the list of grocery stores for ordering items.


3. Advanced Search

In no time shoppers can search out their grocery items from the list. This feature will help them in saving time.


4. Choose items

The shoppers can browse and choose grocery products of their choice.


5. Select Delivery Point

Select the delivery location and your shoppers will get their orders at their doorstep.


6. Track Order

This feature allows shoppers to track the order with the help of an order id.


7. Push Notification

Now shoppers can get updates on new arrivals, any special offers, deals and lots more.


8. Delivery Scheduling

In this busy lifestyle, this feature can do a great help to shoppers. Based on the convenience of shoppers, they can choose the delivery time.


9. Order History

A great feature for the shoppers to manage their spending by tracking the order history.


10. Payment

With this feature, making a payment is a lot easier and quicker. Shoppers can get a wide option of payment modes such as e-wallet, COD, net banking and lots more.


11. Ratings & Reviews

This feature allows shoppers to give ratings & reviews about the service based on their experience.


12. Add to Cart

With this feature, shoppers can pick and store the grocery items into the cart and even remove the same before making the payment.


13. Order Cancel

Shoppers can cancel out the order if they are not interested to buy at that time.


14. Support and Help

In case of any emergency or query, shoppers can get in touch with store staff or admin.


15. Invite a Friend

Shoppers can earn points while inviting a friend to use the app with this in-app feature.


Apart from app panel for shoppers, we at Appinop, design and develop app panels for a store manager and admin as well.


Let’s have a look at the features of grocery app panel for store manager:

1. Customer Support

2. Add grocery items

3. Receive Orders

4. Items Delivery

5. Reject Order

6. Feedback


Next, have a look at the features of the app panel for Delivery Boy:

1. Get Delivery Request

2. Accept or Reject Request

3. Track shopper’s Delivery Point

4. In-app Messaging

5. Delivery Confirmation


And finally have a look at the app features for Admin:

1. Control Panel

2. Manage Payment

3. Manage Allocation

4. Notification Handling

5. Monitor Reviews

6. Real-Time Analytics

7. Manage Products & pricing


 Wrapping Up:

If you are looking to get into a grocery app business, get in touch with the best Grocery delivery app development company. We at Appinop has a great team of proficient mobile app developers who can come up with a befitting solution for your grocery store. With years of experience in developing and deploying grocery apps, we thoroughly know the ins and outs of the industry to deliver the best possible solution.

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Abhinav Chatterji

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