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Why Developers Love ReactJS Over Other Frameworks

With the changing technology and evolving development in the field of programming, new tools and more effective languages are being introduced as a result of advancement. As a result, developers are always looking something new to learn and stay updated with the changing era of technology. But there is one framework which is still ruling the web development era and is being loved by most of the web developers. You might have even noticed that whenever a client looks forward to a full stack web development services, they always ask for the expert of ReactJS who can fulfill all their requirements.


But have you ever researched why ReactJS is being so demanded and loved by the programmers? Let’s dig into this mystery and find the most valid reasons.

Ease of Use: By the virtue of making the small code for a large operation, there is a need for simple and easy to use language. ReactJS is one such language which is really easy to learn as there are countless tutorials and documentation available online. If you have the basic knowledge of JavaScript, you can easily try your command on ReactJS in the most simple way ever. The best part is it follows the downward data flow, allowing the applications to run faster and seamlessly.


Virtual DOM: The compilation of HTML and CSS is the most critical task that needs to be done by the programmer. Once the code is created, it takes time to compute the entire piece of code and deliver the final output. But with the use of ReactJS, there comes a concept of virtual DOM which allows you to create the virtual copy of actual DOM and gives you quick output without lagging in the real output.


Reusable Components: What makes a framework more effective to use, is the capability to use the code created in the past. This framework is encompassed with this trait that makes it capable to reuse templates and components, making your entire application development process easy and quick. Above all, the reuse of components doesn’t affect the feel and design of your final output. So, it’s time effective trait that makes it more dominating over other frameworks.


Open Source Framework: The demand for an open source language is really important to provide the best web development services to the clients. ReactJS is the open source programming language which makes it a popular language to learn and use. Being open source, it is also provided with countless communities which make it easy for the programmers to find the solution to any of their problem.


So, these are some of the most common reasons which make ReactJS the best framework over the others available in the market. Also, when you are using this framework, you will visualize the vast scope of developing any piece of code to perform the task as required by the client. So, being a full stack web developer, you will always love to use this framework and create versatile tasks for the clients.

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